Friday, September 13, 2013

The heart of our operation

We get a lot of good guest comments about the cleanliness of the French Lick Casino and the friendliness of our team. We will never make apologies for being proud of reading and hearing those comments. Here’s why: At the heart of those reviews, there is a team committed to achieving guest satisfaction.
Keeping a casino with more than 1,000 electronic gaming devices and 40 table games clean is no walk in the park. Not all of our guests treat their gaming space like they would their living rooms (or maybe they do!).  Our entire front-line casino team runs across the evidence of multi-taskers all day. Our guests eat and play. They drink and play. They smoke and play. Our team routinely finds dinner plates, drink glasses, personal effects and other stuff you find on the living room end table from guests who do treat the casino like their own personal space.
This adds up to a daunting French Lick Resort housekeeping task but we think our team knocks it out of the proverbial park every day!
Janice in action.
Cleaning ashtrays is a continual chore.
Our case in point is Janice, an evening-shift housekeeping attendant.
We know that ladies don’t like to reveal their age, so let’s just say that Janice is a few days beyond retirement age. Still, she is one of our most dedicated housekeeping team members, faithfully serving our guests and her fellow teammates no matter what department or area might need assistance.
In the modern culture where attention to the needs of others is sometimes a bit overlooked, Janice has been known to meet guests where they are. If that means helping a guest at a slot machine or assisting in a restroom, Janice steps up. For example, while Janice was once cleaning a restroom, she discovered a guest who was ill. Her response was boots on the ground and she searched the casino floor until she found the guest’s family.
When a cocktail waitress, for example, accidentally spills a tray of drinks, we can count on Janice to be one of the first responders to restore the area back to our safety standards. If a coffee machine in the back of the house malfunctions and overflows, Janice is right there.
Sometimes it seems like there are two or three Janices in the building. She simply goes out of her way to help.
Like in many of our front-line departments, each member of the housekeeping team is assigned a section of the casino to patrol over the course of their shift. Janice, though, knows no boundaries when it comes to guest satisfaction. If she is working in our non-smoking section and our Nosh deli needs a sticky floor cleaned, for example, Janice jumps into action.
Janice is just one example of the great team in our housekeeping department. While you, as our guest, may not think much about leaving that plate, napkin, tissue or glass behind at your slot machine, just remember that Janice is probably right around the corner and on her way to tidy up the space for our next guest.
You must be 21 to enter the casino. Gambling problem: Call (800) 9-WITH-IT.

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